Colleen Donahue


Truth in Color- Introduction

By Colleen Donahue





Adoration of the Magi

Journey to Wisdom

Adoration of the Magi

Guido Reni

A Misty Sunrise

Is God The Goal of Your Life?

A Misty Sunrise

Dame Laura Knight

birthplace of herbert hoover

Perfectly Dead!

The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, Westbranch Iowa 1931

Grant Wood

child with doll

Can You Accept God's Love?

La Fillette a la Poupe'e

Evenepoel Henri

church supper

The Walls of Judgement and Criticism

A Picnic in Vermont

Paul Sample

church at dusk

Are You A Night Light For Others?

Church At Dusk 1862

Louis Remy Mignot


Are You Trying To Get Out of Your Coffin?

De Overhaaste Begrafenis 1854

Antoine Wiertz

consolation of friends

Have Your Troubles Caused You to Stop Painting?

L'Union du Dessin et de la Couleur

Guido Reni

country gallants

You Don't Need To Cross The River Alone

The Country Gallants 1876

John George Brown

the hound and the fly

Can God Land On Your Wall?

De Hond met de Vlieg 1856

Joseph Stevens

lunch in the fields

Give Thanks For Everything?

De Krijtverkopers Drieluik

Frederic Baron Leon

disappointed love

Light In Our Darkness

Disappointed Love

Francis Danley

dog looking up

Is Your Eye On God?

There's No Place Like Home

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

drive on a snowy road

Are You Faithful?

La Charrette Route Sous La Neige a Honfleur

Claude Monet

eagle over nest

Are You Exposed and Balancing On A Ledge?

Le Domaine D'Arnheim

Rene Maglette

first steps

Does God Have Time For You?

First Steps

Vincent Van Gogh

handwriting on the wall

God Cannot Be Mocked

Belshazzar's Feast


joseph the carpenter

Will You Let God Hold The Light For You?

St. Joseph The Carpenter

George de la Tour

joy of painting

A Missed Opportunity

The Joys of Painting 1869

Henri Harpignics

kitty's breakfast

Expand Your Heart By Your Giving

Kitty's Breakfast 1883

Emily Farmer

migrant mother

Are Thunderclouds Over Your Head?

Migrant Mother 1936

Dorothea Lauren

little girl sleeping

Can You Sleep Like A Baby?

My Second Sermon, Millais' Daughter Effie

Sir John Everett Millais

old and young

Can't Sleep?

Young and Old

Gari Melcher

road & poplar trees

Shades of Yesterday

Road & Poplar Trees- Dansville NY 1955

Minor White

sacrifice of isaac

Obedience Brings Provision

Le Sacrifice d' Isaac

Marc Chagall

skeletons warming themselves

Can Dead Bones Live?

Skeletons Trying To Warm Themselves

James Ensor


God Wants To Spend Time With You!

Spring 1864

William McTaggart

st francis contemplating skull

Contemplate Death For Real Life

St. Francis Contemplating a Skull

Francisco Zurbaran

st matthew and the angel


St. Matthew and the Angel 1661

Rambrandt Harmensz Van Rijn

census at Bethlehem

Do You Recognize God in Your Midst?

Le Denombrement de Bethlehem

Pieter Brueghel II

the drunkards

What's At the Center of Your Life?

The Drunkards

James Ensor

the geographer

Details Matter

De Geograf 1871

Henri De Braikeleer

the gleaners

Are You A Gleaner of Truth?

The Gleaners


the neighbors

The Art of Listening

The Neighbors 1881

John George Brown

dog mourning masters death

You Have a Friend That Is Closer Than A Brother

The Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner 1837

Sir Edwin Landseer

the potato eaters

Are You a Potato Eater?

The Potato Eaters

Vincent Van Gogh

the reaper

Will There Be a Reaper?

The Reaper

Vincent Van Gogh

the sower

God Is Waiting To Bless Your Sowing

The Sower

Vincent Van Gogh

the woodpecker

Are Your Words Pecking Others To Death?

The Woodpecker

Charles E. Burchfield


Don't Compare Yourself With Others


Frank Cadogen Cowper

victory celebration

Are You Celebrating The Victory?

Victory Celebration

Claude Monet

winter in highbridge

Are You Living In Winter?

Winter, Highbridge

George Benjamin Luks

young beggar

Are You Content to Stay In Your Prison?

The Young Beggar - 1650

Bartolome' Esteban Murillo

youth and age

The Humility of Friendship

The Contrast, Youth and Age 1840

John Callcot Horsley

Two girl friends relaxing together

The Rest of True Friendship


Frank Bramley

God's Reach to Men

God's Reach To You

The Creation of Man- A part of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling



The Nativity

A Light In the Cellar

The Nativity

Gary Melchers

The Good Samaritan

Getting Involved

The Good Samaritan

Vincent Van Gogh

Light of the World

Will You Open The Door?

The Light of the World

Holman Hunt

The Night Cafe

A Picture of Hell?

The Night Cafe

Vincent Van Gogh

Prison Exercise Yard

Are You Walking In Circles?

The Prison Exercise Yard

Vincent Van Gogh

John Brown Legend

What's Wrong With This Picture?

The Legend of John Brown

Jacob Lawrence

Angel Helping St. Francis

God Gives While We Sleep

Saint Francis

Michelangelo Merissi da Caravaggio

Forward March

Forward March!


Jacob Lawrence

Old Man Mourning

Depression and Despair

Old Man Mourning

Vincent Van Gogh

Mary anointing Jesus

The Extravagance of Love

Mary Anointing Jesus

Peter Paul Rubins

Pompous Boy

Pompous Boy

William Sommer

The Kiss of Judas

The Kiss of Judas

Jean Bourdichon

Portrait of Emy

Portrait of Emy

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Holding the Tree up

Keeping the Tree Up

A Photograph

Starry starry night

Stars in the Night Sky

Vincent Van Gogh

The Last Supper

Peace in the Face of Death

The Last Supper

Simon Ushakov

The Scout

Stay Alert!

The Scout: Friends or Foes?

Frederick Remington

The Nighthawks

We Were Made For Relationship


Edward Hooper

Cup of Agony

Cup of Agony

Emil Nolde

The Lookout

    All is Well

The Lookout

Winslow Homer


Youth Learning From Elder

Youth and Old Age 1924

Norman Rockwell

approaching a city

Order Without Beauty

Approaching a City

Edward Hopper

Playing a Fish

Waiting is Work!

Playing a Fish

Winslow Homer

Boy Herding Geese

The Test

The Goose Herd

Constant Troyson

Buffalo Hunting

G. Catlin the Artist Shooting Buffalo With Colt's Revolving Pistol

George Catlin

Voyage of Life- Childhood

Childhood - How Life is Meant To Be

Voyage of Life - Childhood

Thomas Cole

Voyage of Life: Youth

Is God in your Boat?

Voyage of life - Youth

Thomas Cole

Voyage of Life: Manhood

Voyage of Life - Manhood

Thomas Cole

Voyage of Life: Old Age

Rest Awaits You

Voyage of Life - Old Age

Thomas Cole

Jesus Washing Peter's Feet

Will You Wash Someone's Feet?

Jesus Washing Peter's Feet

Ford Madox Brown

Waves crashing against rocks

Keep Your Perspective

West Point, Prout's Neck

Winslow Homer

Pennsylvania Coal Town

What's Blocking the Light?

Pennsylvania Coal Town

Edward Hopper

Fall Oak Branch

How Does a Great Man Fall?

The Fall Oak Branch

Achille Etna Michallon

Girl cutting flower

Rest - The Complement of Work

Mercie Cutting Flower

Edmund C. Tarbell

The Subscription Room

Can We Change?

The Subscription Club Room

Thomas Rowlandson

Summer Day Reading

Set Some Time Apart

A June Idyll

Theodore Clement Steele

The Boat Builders

The Humility of Learning and Imitating

The Boat Builders

Winslow Homer

The Rainbow

The Rainbow of Promise

The Rainbow

George Innes

Girls Arranging Produce

Beauty in the Ordinary


Konstantin G. Dorokhov

Sleigh Ride

A Life Without Joy

Children on a Sled

Nikolai Bogdanov-Belski

Winter Shadows

We Are Meant To Walk on Water

Sunny Day

Efrem Zverkov

Marooned on an Island

Giving Up To Wait Upon God


Howard Pyle

Three men on a raft


Three Men on a Raft

Newell Convers Wyeth

Girls in Winter


Fedot Sychkov

Walking in winter

Work and Rest


Andrew Wyeth


Dead Men Eating


George Tooker

Lady Sewing


Christine Lerolle Embroidering

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

The Green Bridge


The Green Bridge

Lyonel Feininger

Poor Man's Cotton

Poor Man's Cotton

Hale Woodruff

The Fugitives

The Fugitives

Honore Daumier

The Death of Jane McCrea

The Death of Jane McCrea

John Vanderlyn

Mourning Picture

No Turning Back

Mourning Picture

Edwin Romanzo Elmer

The Schism

Listen and Hear

The Schism

Jehan Georges Vibert

Tattered and Torn

Standing Up On the Inside

Tattered and Torn

Alfred Kappes

Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach

Things Aren't What They Seem

Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach

Salvador Dali

Harvesting Wheat

Subdue the Earth

Cradling Wheat

Thomas Hart Benton

Declaration of Independence

The Importance of Listening

Declaration of Independence

John Trumbull


Whose Your Master?

The Sense of Taste

Jusepe de Ribera

Lighthouse Hill

No Need For Light

Lighthouse Hill

Edward Hooper

The Knitting Lesson

Walking In Step With God

The Knitting Lesson

Jean-Francois Millet

The Japanese Dog

Are You Excited About God?

Detail of Tama the Japanese Dog

Pierre-Auguste Renoir




Henri Rousseau

Blind Leading the Blind

The Blind Leading the Bline

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

The Automat

Alone But Not Lonely

The Automat

Edward Hopper

Going to the Fair

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going To The Fair

Thomas Webster

Three For Five

Food For The Soul

Three For Five

John G. Brown

big burdens

The Older We Get the Bigger Our Burdens

The Census at Bethlehem

Pieter Bruegel

Old Woman Praying

Don't Forget

Old Woman Praying

Nicolaes Maes

Russian Music

The More We Listen the More We Love

Russian Music

James Ensor