By Colleen Donahue

"...and anyone who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it." Matthew 10:38-39

Giving ourselves to one another and going out of our way for each other seems to be almost a vanishing art--if one could call "loving" an art. We have been raised to be independent and self-sufficient so that we can cope in a society that is "every man for himself". The days of getting together to help each other build a barn or finish a quilt or even to enjoy each others company are now almost gone. Our own lives are far too hectic and busy to get deeply involved with others and vice versa.

Yet, despite this growing trend to independent living there is one man who still demands that we give our entire life to be used for His purposes. Society may be changing,but his command is the same today as it was 2,000 years ago- "whoever loses his life for my sake will find it back again." This man was Jesus and He doesn't budge an inch! His rules are simple-- if you're going to be on His team (which is always a winner) you've got to give up all rights to yourself. And once you do that you can he guaranteed that you'll be stepping out of your independent ice box and becoming involved and committed to the people that Jesus will lead your way.

But why would anyone give their whole life away to he used for another's purposes? How can Jesus be so bold to demand "our all"? This month I'd like you to take a look at some of the Bible's "Portraits of Jesus". If you have not yet given your whole life over to Jesus then I'd urge you to study these passages carefully so you can come to your own conclusion as to whether it's worth being on His team. If you have given your life to Jesus then it's certainly love that will draw you to reread these familiar stories and know your Lord better.


Day 1-Isaiah 9:6-7
He was given the authority to rule, the right to be sovereign of all the earth.

Day 2-Isaiah 11:1-2
His anointing

Day 3-Isaiah 11:3-5/ 42:1-7/ 61:1-3
His mission

Day 4-Isaiah 53:1-12
He was a suffering Saviour for our sake

Day 5- John 1:1-14
He is the Son of God

Day 6-Matthew 9:6/ Matthew 16:13-16/ Matthew 20:28/ John 5: 26-27
He is the Son of Man

Day-7 John 3:2-21
He is the Divine Teacher

Day-8 John 4:7-29
He was a soul winner

Day-9 John 5:1-9
He is the Great Physician

Day-10 John 6:32-58
He is the Bread of Life

Day-11 John 7:37
He is the Water of Life

Day-12 John 8:3-11
He is the defender of the weak

Day-13 John 9:1-39
He is the Light of the World

Day-14 John 10:1-16
He is the Good Shepherd

Day-15 John 11:1-44
He is the Prince of Life

Day-16 John 12:12-15
He is a King

Day-17 John 13:1-10
He is a Servant

Day-18 John 14:1-3
He is a Consoler

Day-19 John 15:1-16
He is the true vine

Day 20-John 16:1-15
He is the giver of the Holy Spirit

Day 21-John 17:1-26
He is the great intercessor

Day 22-John 18: 1-11
He is the model sufferer

Day 23-John 20:1-31
He is the conqueror of death

Day 24-Isaiah 57:18/ Jeremiah 30:17a/ Hosea 14:4 /Micah 7:18-20
He is the restorer of the penitent

Day 25-Hebrews 1:1-7
Christ is far better than all the prophets and angels

Day 26-Hebrews 2:7-10/16-18
His chief work was redemption of man

Day 27-Hebrews 4:14-16/5:1-10
Jesus was greater than any earthly priest.

Day 28-Hebrews10:19-23
Jesus is faithful to keep His promise.

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