The videos listed in this list are generally from 2-8 minutes long and are extracted from full talks given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill to a large U.S.A. university audience. These talks were delivered between 1970 - 2001.

Topic: Jesus - The Resurrection

Did Jesus Return From Death?

The Facts of Jesus Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection

Jesus' Resurrection Appearances - Were They Hallucinations?

Is Anything Certain About Easter?

Why Is Easter Different From Other Days?

Speaking Easter Declares That the World is Under God's Control

Our Words Show Whether We Believe in Easter

The Empty Tomb- An Argument to Disprove the Resurrection?

The Empty Tomb- A Stolen Body?

Seeing the Risen Christ: A Hallucination?

Is The Resurrection Reliable History?

Resurrection Eye-Witness Accounts

Thousands of Ancient Manuscripts Attest to the Resurrection

Are Bible Manuscripts Reliable Evidence to the Resurrection?


The Videos below are from the website:

SECTION 8: The Resurrection

8A- An Empty Tomb

8B- Witnesses

8C- A Special Meeting --With Thomas

8D- A Special Meeting -- With Peter

8E- Time To Go

8F- Waiting For the Promise


SECTION 9: New Beginnings

9A- Changed Lives

9B- Changed Skeptics

9C- A Social Earthquake

9D- A New Society


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