The videos listed in this list are generally from 2-8 minutes long and are extracted from full talks given by Rev. Ernest O'Neill to a large U.S.A. university audience. These talks were delivered between 1970 - 2001.

Topic: Jesus and Our Relationship With Him

(Some videos in this section are from the website:

How To Know Jesus

Jesus Gave His Life For You

Jesus Gave All And So Must We

How Do We Make Jesus King?

Jesus Will Be Our Judge


These Videos are from the website:

SECTION 10: Meaning For Today

10A- Implications of the Resurrection

10B- Can We Meet Jesus?

10C- What Would It Cost You To Miss The Kingdom of God?

10D- Accessing the Facts

10E- How do You Make a Decision to Follow Jesus?

10F- Entering a New World

10G- Will I Have to Become Part of the Church?

10H- What Will My Life Become If I Follow Jesus?

10I- Nobody Like You


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