By Colleen Donahue


"Tell me the stories of Jesus I love to hear;
Things I would ask Him to tell me if He were here:
Scenes by the wayside, Tales of the sea,
Stories of Jesus, Tell them to me."

Everyone loves a good story - children and adults alike. Even in this generation of television and movies it's still wonderful to be able to crawl into a big chair and read. If you're not familiar with reading the Bible then you may not realize that it's filled with true stories of kings and queens, travel and adventure, good and evil, war and peace, stories of everyday life and people. There are real heroes and heroines for our children to know about -- real lessons about life, no matter what the age or era. I've chosen only 30 stories among many more but they are timeless and have a challenge for our lives today. Indeed you'll find these stories among some of the ..........


Day 1- Read: Genesis 3:1-6 / 22-24 -- The woman who exchanged all she had for an apple.
Are the little acts of disobedience robbing you of God's rich life that He has for you?

Day 2- Read: Genesis 6: 11-22 / 7:1-24 -- The Voyage of the Ark
What caused God to allow such a devastating flood?
If God did this again would you be in the ark or the flood?

Day 3 -Read: Genesis 37:13-36 / 39:20-23 / 41:1-44 -- The story of Joseph
Can anything good come out of evil?

Day 4 - Read: Numbers 20:7-12 -- Moses Strikes the Rock
What were the consequences for Moses when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it?
Can we change God's commands without consequences?

Day 5 - Read: Numbers 21:4-9 -- The Israelites and Snakes!
What resulted from grumbling against God and a leader?
What stopped God's judgement?

Day 6 -Read: Joshua 2:1-24/ 6:22-24 -- Rahab the Harlot
Why would God spare even the life of a harlot (prostitute)? (Joshua 2:9-11)

Day 7 -Read: Joshua 7:19-26 -- Achan's Theft
What was God's judgement for coveting and stealing beautiful things and money?

Day 8 - Read: Joshua 6:1-20 -- Joshua and Jericho
Read: Judges 7:15-22 -- Gideon and the Midianites
Can God guide us to use "foolish methods" to achieve great results?

Day 9 -Read: Judges 6:36-40 -- Gideon's Fleece
Will God ever give us a physical sign to show us His direction?

Day 10- Read: Judges 16:1-31 -- Samson and Delilah
How do compromise and sin weaken us?

Day 11 -Read: I Samuel 9:1-10:8 -- Saul Becomes King
Here's an example of a man set about his ordinary task when God calls him to a higher place.

Day 12 -I Samuel 15: 1-35 -- The Lord Rejects Saul
Why would God reject a man whom He had originally called to a position?

Day 13 - Read: I Samuel 16:1-13 -- The Anointing of David
Principle: While men look on the outside of a man, God looks at the heart.

Day 14 - Read: I Samuel 17:1-58 -- David and Goliath
While man glories in stature and strength what does God often use to confound even the wisest men? (I Corinthians 1: 27-28 )

Day 15 - Read: 2 Samuel 11:1-27 -- David's Plot
Trace in this story how the lust of the eyes turned into evil motives and finally gross sin. (Read James 1:14-15 for a summary version of this.)

Day 16 - Read: I Kings 17: 1-6 -- God feeds Elijah
Can God provide for us by means beyond man's comprehension?

Day 17 - Read: I Kings 17: 10-16 -- The Widow at Zarephath
God can multiply the little we have to meet our needs when we give what we have (however little that may be) for His service.

Day 18 - Read: 2 Kings 4:1-7 -- The Widow's Oil
God can keep filling and giving to us as long as we have "the containers" to receive. His abundance only stops when we can no longer receive.

Day 19 - Read: 2 Kings 5:1-15 -- Naaman healed of leprosy.
How can pride stand in the way of God's miraculous working in our life?

Day 20 - Read: 2 Chronicles 20:20-23 -- King Jehosaphat commands praise!
What can happen in the midst of trying and testing circumstances when we praise God? (Read also Acts 16:25-33)

Day 21 - Read: Nehemiah 4: 1-23 -- Nehemiah rebuilds the wall of Jerusalem
When we make it our business to be about God's business, opposition will surely come! What is our strength and comfort during times of opposition? (Nehemiah 4:14b, 20b and John 16:33)

Day 22 - Read: Daniel 3:1-20 -- Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego and the fiery furnace.
What can result when we live our lives without compromise? (Daniel 3:28-30)

Day 23 - Read: Daniel 6:1-28 -- Daniel and the Lion's Den
How are we to live in a society that doesn't recognize God, or one that acknowledges God but where each still lives his or her own way? (Daniel 6:10)

Day 24 - Read: Jonah 1:1-17 -- Jonah
How can our disobedience affect the lives of others?

Day 25 - Read: Matthew 25:1-13 -- Parables of the Ten Maidens
What will happen when we die if we haven't prepared ourselves now (during the normal course of our lives) for meeting Jesus?

Day 26 - Read: Luke 10:25-37 -- The Good Samaritan
Are you a neighbor to anyone?

Day 27 - Read: Luke 15:11-24 -- The Prodigal Son
How does our own life parallel the wayward son and our Father's response in taking us back to Himself?

Day 28 -Read: Acts 5:1-10 -- Ananias and Sapphira
What is God's response when we cheat Him on what should be His?

Day 29 -Read: John 5:1-9 -- The Healing at the Pool
Do we need man's efforts if God wants to work a miracle in our life?

Day 30 -Read: John 10:1-16 -- The Shepherd and His Flock
Are you part of the flock that Jesus tends as the Shepherd?

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