By Colleen Donahue

"For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of scriptures we might have hope." Romans 15:4

Perhaps of all the years in my life so far, some of the most interesting and satisfying were those spent at the University of Minnesota getting my degree. But at the same time these years carried some of the most distressing and "low" times. I smile now to think back on failing a physics test (my first failure ever) and feeling like the bottom had just dropped out of my life. It wasn't just the failed test but it was knowing that I would never get to where I wanted to go with grades like that! I can almost feel myself walking through the campus with rocks on each shoulder as I tried to stay on top of the competitive pressures all around me. And I can still see myself sitting on the steps of Morrill Hall, crying my eyes out because "the system" seemed to have me beat.

It was during these low, pressured, and distressing days that I discovered an important source of comfort and true healing balm for my troubled mind and heart. It was the Bible, but specifically the book of Psalms. When I thought I could stand it no longer I'd crawl off to some quiet corner to read and reread all my old favorites until peace and assurance and trust in God would take over again. King David, the writer of Psalms, had a life filled with trouble and adversity and questions. As you read these timeless masterpieces of hope you will find yourself fitting into the words themselves and crying out to God as though you were the author yourself.

I therefore want to leave with you this month the secret of how to...........


Day 1- Psalm 1
The Lord watches over the way of the righteous.

Day 2- Psalm 3
The Lord protects us from our enemies.

Day 3- Psalm 4
The Lord hears when we call to Him.

Day 4- Psalm 5
The Lord hears and blesses the righteous.

Day 5 -Psalm 6
When sorrow and troubles overwhelm us the Lord hears our cries for help and accepts our prayers.

Day 6 -Psalm 9
The Lord is a refuge if you are oppressed.

Day 7- Psalm 13
We can trust in God's unfailing love towards us.

Day 8 -Psalm 16
When we stand with the Lord we cannot be shaken.

Day 9- Psalm 18
In our distress we can always call on the Lord.

Day 10- Psalm 20
The Lord will give you strength and support.

Day 11- Psalm 23
When the Lord is our Shepherd we will not lack anything.

Day 12- Psalm 25
Those who hope in God are never disappointed.

Day 13- Psalm 27
In our day of trouble God will keep us safe.

Day 14 -Psalm 30
The Lord turns our sadness to joy.

Day 15- Psalm 31
Our times are in God's hands- He will deliver us.

Day 16- Psalm 34
The Lord will deliver us from our fears.

Day 17- Psalm 37
The Lord will not forsake anyone who has been faithful to Him.

Day 18 -Psalm 40
God will lift us out of the "pits & traps" that we fall into.

Day 19- Psalm 42
Put your hope in God.

Day 20- Psalm 46
God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.

Day 21- Psalm 51
God can forgive our sins and make our heart clean.

Day 22 -Psalm 54
The Lord has delivered us out of all our troubles.

Day 23- Psalm 55
Whenever we call out in distress God hears our cry.

Day 24- Psalm 56
When you are afraid trust in God.

Day 25- Psalm 57
We can take refuge in the Lord until disaster passes over us.

Day 26- Psalm 61
God is a strong tower for us to find protection.

Day 27- Psalm 62
We can find rest in God alone.

Day 28- Psalm 69
When you are up to your neck in deep water call upon the Lord God.

Day 29- Psalm 71
The Lord is our confidence.

Day 30 -Psalm 86
God abounds in love to all who call upon Him.

Day 31- Psalm 91
We do not need to fear anything when we are under God's protection.

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