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How Do We Begin To Seek God?

How do we seek a relationship with someone we can't see? God anticipated that question and he has given us three ways to find Him.

Suspect Everything!

So much of life – when things happen or don’t happen – are automatically accepted by us. We think they are just natural causes and we never suspect that there might be a more sinister person behind it all.

Things Aren't What They Seem

Things aren't what they seem here on earth. Keep looking so that you can see the reality of God behind all that happens.


Why Do We Need to Tell People About Jesus?

In Jesus, something supernatural has happened that has freed us from our own selfish sin. This is the vast difference between what Jesus has done for us and what other religious leaders have done.                  


The Daily Discipline Bible Studies

Studying the Bible for yourself is one of the most important things we can do to seek for God because these books contain God's word and revelation to us.

Bible Studies by Topic

This arrangement of the Daily Discipline Bible Studies will help you to focus in on the topic of most concern to you.


Truth in Color

Every person in looking at a painting has the ability to see something of truth or beauty or reality. As we look at these paintings we will see something of God who is truth.

Videos for Personal Growth

Short videos dealing with questions asked in every generation by all ages.

Courses & Seminars

These Bible studies and seminars will take you on an in-depth look at some of life's most important topics.




Feature Articles

This part of the website is an archive of articles and talks written to address the practical issues of this life in our walk with God.




Seeking God Through the Issues of Our Time

What is God's perspective to the situations facing us in our country? These articles attempt to see beyond the usual perspective.

The World Invisible Newsletter

This newsletter focuses on current events with an attempt to include God's perspective on the issues as well as our own.